Receive warmth and a storm of emotions

Unforgettable journey


“Nothing opens your eyes to the world and broadens your horizons like travel.”

– Charlize Theron

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Rafting on the river Birdie

These boats are for those who seek to discover and conquer everything new and unknown.


Fishing provides fun company and a wide variety of catch and achievement stories.

Indescribable beauty

The guest house is located in the most picturesque place for recreation in the heart of an attractive route for tourist travel in the village of Kinterep Maslyaninsky district of the Novosibirsk region. This is a familiar and rightfully favorite place for tourists and local historians — professionals and Amateurs. Only here you can simultaneously see and appreciate the beauty of the rock “Dog stone”, badger cave and waterfall in the middle of the field, and
you can also take a fascinating trip along one of the most beautiful rivers in the Novosibirsk region, a tributary of the great Siberian river Obi — Berdi.

Variety of rest

One of the components of the kinterep guest house’s Recreation concept is multi – functionality. Our guests have a huge selection of entertainment options at their disposal. We want You to enjoy every minute of your stay at the Guest house or on your chosen tourist route. Your positive emotions, good mood, joy from meeting with the pristine beauty of nature and from communicating with each other – the best reward and gratitude for us.


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Rafting by boat

This is entertainment for those who do not like to lie on the couch, who strive to discover and conquer everything new and unknown, for those whose whole life is one continuous adventure. Take an unforgettable rafting down the beautiful river Birdie and we guarantee you will be absolutely satisfied! The Berd River flows through the most attractive for tourist travel in Maslyaninsky district. Terraces are well expressed in the relief of the river valley. The riverbed of the Birdie is winding, replete with long stretches and short rifts. Sand and pebble shallows are frequent along the river. The current is calm. The depth ranges from 80 cm to 3-5 m. It is good if you take a camera with you. Low mountains and hills covered with dense deciduous and coniferous forests, in some places steep banks with bushes hanging over the water, long sandy beaches and noisy rifts – all this just asks for a film.

The route is designed for people of at least an average level of physical fitness, ready to travel to uninhabited places. Equipment: Camping and special equipment, per person. Weather conditions: daytime temperature + 15 … + 35 degrees, night temperature + 5 … + 15, water temperature in the river in July-August + 20 … + 23 degrees.


Fishing provides fun company and a wide variety of catch and achievement stories. Excitement in a big catch, some strive to catch more of a neighbor and get a mutual adrenaline rush. Sometimes the indignation of close people due to unsuccessful fishing, when I did not catch anything and I really could not do anything at home, because I was fishing. You have a delicious dinner if you come with a good catch. You get a unique relaxation after urban everyday life. Your lungs are cleansed in the fresh air if you don’t smoke. You fully feel calm and quiet, communicate with like-minded people and get a lot of pleasure from fishing throughout the whole process of fishing.

If upon arrival at the tourist base “Kinterep” you have a terrible desire to fish, and you did not have a fishing rod with you, we will help you! We have a wide selection of rods, tackles, hooks, lines, various baits, etc.


Room size: 12 m²
Courtyard view
Services and amenities:
2 bathrobes
2 large towels
Ladder to access the upper floors
· Separate entrance
Carbon monoxide detector
· Socket near the bed
· Clothes rack
Toilet and bathroom on the floor
No smoking
Free private parking on site (reservation required).


The kitchen is the place where it is pleasant to spend evening gatherings with the family. To make such meetings even more pleasant and comfortable, it is best to hold them in a beautiful, modern kitchen.